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Monday, August 08, 2005

How Hello Kitty went shopping in Taiwan

It is official, President Enterprises summer campaign to boost sales at its 7-11 stores has come to an end. If you missed this campaign you have been living under a rock as every fridge in Taiwan is now more or less plastered in Hello Kitty fridge magnets.

For those not yet in the known, the 7-11 stores gave away Hello Kitty fridge magnets for every NT$ 77 spend (NT$ 62 being the pre-summer average amount of money spend by customers, so they tried to raise the minimum amount sold per transaction) Hello Kitty being adored on this island, and a more valuable brand name than probably all the Disney acts together, this led to instant madness.

Under the banner "Hello Kitty craze tough act to follow" the Taipei times performs a post-mortem on what will become a business and marketing case study for years to come. Interesting tidbits, there are 41 different magnets, President Enterprises spend NT$ 200 million on this campaign , and succceeded in raising their sales by up to 36%.

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