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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

MSc/Phd income less than NT$30,000

The Liberty Times published an article today showing how education and degree qualifications influence renumeration for recent graduates. Going from secondary school graduates, through college, university and MSc/etc degree holders each step up earned an additional NT$ 2,000 per month.

Most Masters holders made just under NT$ 30,000 per month (US$ 941/Euro 762), with some exceptions; those in services and business made quite a bit less.

That the difference between a university degree and a masters degree is so small seems to indicate that employers much more heavily value experience, and that there is no shortage of highly educated job applicants.

If the difference especially at the beginning of a carreer is only NT$ 2,000 per month between a university degree and a postgraduate degree, spending well over a million NT$ for an overseas degree requires some serious thought. Of course, it is likely that after a few years the difference will grow significantly.

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