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Friday, August 05, 2005

Taipei Subway / MRT

Before the Taipei underground opened, this for the old timers, you were supposed to take a bus. Going from A-B took ages, and you got to smell like diesel from waiting at the bus stop in the streaming rain.

Life became much more convinient with the opening of several subway lines, suddenly this city became easy to travel around in. Clean, graffitti free subway stations, airconditioned and spacious trains.

Still, plenty of places do not have a subway station near,but that is also changing.

More stations on the road to Banciao should open soon, and even more are on the way. For those speculating, (wondering why the buildings next to the new Taipei stadium just got a facelist?) or just curious about the future, have a look at which has some nice maps of the planned future stations.

For insane details (including completion statistics all the way to 2018) have a look at the Wikipedia page for the Taipei MRT.

Personally, I would like a connection from Songshan to the Nangang line, but even 2018 doesn't seem to have this planned... there is just no pleasing some people.


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