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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tamago Ya

Taipei is a great place to eat great things, but sometimes a simple omelet will do !

I found this over-designed omelet flipper in the subway malls this afternoon around ChungHsiao Dung-Hua subway station. It looks like a Japanese franchise, but as I can’t find a reference to it on the web it might be just a clever Taiwanese design job.

This place is yellow, if you haven’t woken up by lunch time, just sitting inside will do. Yellow walls, yellow menu’s, staff and chairs. For styling added a cartoon chicken logo with Fuji mountain backdrop and Japanese characters on the wall.

The food is basic, omelet + anything that fits with an omelet.

Smart business model. Omelet’s are cheap, can be made by any teenager (which is all they employ) and there really isn’t anything you can do wrong. Rice tastes like rice, omelets taste like, well you get the idea.

Which brings us to the price. The minimum meal (omelet + rice & tomota ketchup) sets you back NT$ 99. Add a little meat and it becomes NT$ 180.

Pricy, but they had no lack of customers, for now.


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