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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Traffic Jams -- Call in or Call out?

One of the wonders of big city life is the fact that there is always less parking spaces than actual cars. To counter the city applied private tow companies who work on a commision basis (tow more, earn more) who are incredibly effective, together with an army of traffic police on motor scooters zipping around giving out tickets.

But listening to the radio this morning, call in shows are still a main outlet to vent anger about parking problems, city problems, police not responding, parking meters not working and still being ticketed. And not all the private companies (like those who are supposed to operate the parking meters) respond as efficiently, if at all, to their phone numbers.

So how about establishing a single city wide call in number ? The New York city wide response number 311 seems to work well. One number for all problems, whether its a pothole, electricity disconnected, trash problems or broken parking meters. This way nobody has to sort through dozens of different phone numbers just to solve one annoying problem.

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Blogger Albert said...

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7:58 PM

Blogger Albert said...

We need more off-street parking areas!
Parking problems absolutely need to be carefully tackled. My schoolmates from Macao addressed the lack of parking lots alongside bustling major streets in Taipei. No wonder people have no choice but park their autos on curb.

8:00 PM


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